The Desert


The Desert

Hebrews 3:1-14


The scripture from Hebrews relates the power of Christ and reliance on God in light of Moses and the Israelites wanderings through the desert en route to the promised land. None of that generation lived to enter the promised land except Caleb and Joshua, who trusted in God to deliver to them the promised land of milk and honey.

In this personal message, we may all find ourselves wandering in a spiritual "desert" at some point in our lives. Our spirits are parched, worship seems hollow, prayers empty and unfulfilling, as if God has abandoned us. But unlike the Israelites, it is not a time for complaining and turning away from God. Instead, it can be a time of deep reflection and examination of our lives. A time spent redoubled in prayer and scripture, despite the emptiness, because in the end we know God is in control, loves us, and can be trusted to lead us out of the "desert" as He did for Caleb and Joshua."


Scripture reading by Debbie Huyck

Sermon by Lay Leader, Rick Bradstreet

Recorded Janurary 29, 2017

New Berlin, Wisconsin, USA




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