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In586 B.C., the soldiers from Babylon destroyed Jerusalem. (B.C. means years Before Christ came to the earth) They took the people that lived there as prisoners back to Babylon. In 536 B.C. many of the prisoners with their sons and daughters came back to Jerusalem. In 516 B.C., Persia (now Iran)destroyed Babylon.

Verses 1-3 indicate that this psalm was written in Babylon. If you look at verse 8, you will see that Persia has not yet destroyed Babylon. This means that the psalmist probably wrote the psalm between 536 and 516 B.C. This was the time of exile also known as the Diaspora.

There were two great rivers in Babylon, the Tigris and the Euphrates. The Jews during the exile met by these rivers. They probably talked about Jerusalem and Zion. Zion was one of the hills that they had built the city of Jerusalem on. The psalmist remembered this when he went home. He also remembered that they could not sing songs about the *LORD in Babylon. Now he was home again. And he hoped that somebody would destroy Babylon as Babylon had destroyed Jerusalem.

Scripture reading by Pat Mehring

Sermon by Pastor Keith Aurand

Recorded June 26, 2016

New Berlin, Wisconsin, USA


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