Jesus is Enough


Jesus is Enough

John 10:1-10

Following the healing of the blind man and the confrontation with the authorities that developed after the healing, chapter 9, Jesus describes a pastoral scene to the gathered crowd. Jesus notes that sheep follow their shepherd. The shepherd enters the sheepfold by the gate, the sheep recognize him and they follow him. A stranger, on the other hand, someone like a thief or a robber, climbs over the fence and the sheep, who don't recognize his voice, run away from him. Jesus goes on to develop two images found in the illustration and ascribes them both to himself. First, Jesus is "the gate for the sheep” in verses 7-10, and second, he is "the good shepherd” in verses 11-18. When Jesus brings us to the Father he calls himself a Door, when he takes care of us, a Shepherd.


Scripture reading by Kent Walters

Sermon by Pastor Keith Aurand

Recorded May 7, 2017

New Berlin, Wisconsin, USA