Salt & Light


Salt & Light

Matthew 5:13-20

People are forming faith communities and worshiping in different places and spaces and redefining what it means to be Christian and Methodist in an increasingly diverse and rapidly changing culture. The present is unstable, and the future seems uncertain.

How are we, the disciples of Jesus Christ today, to be in this situation? How are we to live? How are we to practice our faith? How are we to share it with others?

Jesus says we are to be salt, intensifying the flavor of the world around us. Jesus says we are to be light, shining God’s grace into the despair and fear many people feel. Our goodness is to be so obvious, so in evidence, that, through our presence, the very presence of God’s love and grace is felt in those around us


Scripture reading by: Kent Walters


Sermon by Lay Leader, Rick Bradstreet

Recorded February 05, 2017

New Berlin, Wisconsin, USA